Callebaut Mycryo Cocoa Butter Powder 600g


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*100% pure cocoa butter in micro-powder form.

-Mycryo™ is a 100% natural ingredient: pure cocoa butter in powder form.

-It presents a true revolution for tempering. Adding just about 2% Mycryo™ to melted chocolate seeds the necessary stable crystals to create perfectly pre-crystallised chocolate conveniently.

-On top, the addition of the cocoa butter will give your chocolate more gloss and a harder crack.

-Mycryo™ is also a wonderful vegetable fat for frying and grilling.

-It resists frying temperatures better than butter or oils, and doesn't burn.

-In addition, Mycryo™ brings out the natural flavours of even the most delicate ingredients, like scallops or foie gras.

-Just roll vegetables, meats, fish or poultry in Mycryo™ and fry or grill the ingredients in a hot pan or on a hot grill. You can even mix Mycyro® with herbs or spices.


-Neutral taste and white colour.



*How to use

-For tempering: add 2% Mycryo™ to your correctly melted chocolate, mix and ready.

*Main features

-100% pure and natural cocoa butter. Contains stable cocoa butter crystals and resists high temperatures.

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