Myflavor Gel Food Colouring 25g (0.88oz)

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About Myflavor Gel Food Colouring 25g

Myflavor Gel Food Colouring is a water-based food colouring but high consistency & viscous. Vivid and richer colour helps to deliver the desired colour tone by adding just a few drops.

Available in 17 Colours :

  1. Apple Green
  2. Black
  3. Blue
  4. Chocolate Brown
  5. Dark Green
  6. Egg Yellow
  7. Lemon Yellow
  8. Maroon
  9. Orange
  10. Pink
  11. Purple
  12. Red
  13. Royal Blue
  14. Strawberry
  15. Turquoise
  16. Violet
  17. White


  • Extra concentrate food colouring
  • 1 droplet of gel food colour = 5 droplets oil soluble food colour
  • Suitable to use for fondant, whipping cream, Swiss Roll, Sponge Cake, Kek Marble Jelita, Royal Sugar Icing Cookies, Roti Jala, Kuih Lapis, Waffle, Pancakes, Macaroons, Bread and any type of mixture that has more water content.
  • Pack in a squeezable dropper plastic bottle.
  • Original Packaging
  • Certified Halal by JAKIm
  • Weight: 25g (0.88oz)




When storing this product, ensure that it is kept in a cool and dry place such as the pantry or cupboard, away from direct sunlight.

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 5.00 × 5.00 × 10.00 cm

Apple Green, Black, Blue, Chocolate Brown, Dark Green, Egg Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Maroon, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Strawberry, Turquoise, Violet, White


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