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BBT Bio Refreshment Chip is Japan technology make food more natural and food more durable without using preservatives.
Refreshment Chips use ingredients extracted from plants using nano technology so that Refreshment Chips become more natural (Herbal), friendly to the environment, harmless to the human body and effective against fungi and germs.

It is food safe and making them ideal for direct contact with food.

BBT Bio Refreshment Chips use the following ingredients:
Australian tea tree, Grape seed oil, Citronella, Horseradish, Pepper etc.

BBT Bio Refreshment Chip is suitable for:
1. Food and Snack (cakes, cookies, pastry, dried fruits, etc.)
2. Fresh and Frozen Food
3. Grains, Beans and Nuts (rice, nuts, etc.)
4. Herbal and Spices
5. Pharmaceutical (supplements, medications, etc)
and more.

BBT Bio Refreshment Chip function as:
1. Oil-odor prevention
2. Rice weevils prevention
3. Maintain the colour, taste and freshness of the products)
4. Anti-bacterial (anaerobic and anaerobic)
5. Anti-fungal
6. Anti-odor

Advantages of using refreshment chips:
1. Reducing the use of preservatives during food production so that it is safe for health
2. Reducing the rate of returns / damage to product / food and providing opportunities to expand the sales area due to
a longer expiration period
3. Protects Products from fungi, bacteria, microorganisms and simplifies production planning

BBT BIO Refreshment Chips is a food grade product, safe and environment friendly.

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