Biskit Butter Speculoos Biscuits 200g – Caramelized Biscuits – Biskut Ala Biscoff


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Indulge in the delicious taste of Biskit Butter Speculoos Biscuits, perfect for snacking any time of day. Biskit Butter Speculoos Biscuits is a caramelised biscuits. It’s also perfect as decoration and topping to baked goods such as cheesecake, cupcakes and more.

Crisp and crunchy texture
Rich buttery flavor
Caramelized for extra sweetness

Each bite is filled with the perfect balance of buttery goodness and sweet caramelization. Enjoy them on their own, or pair with your favorite hot beverage for a comforting snack.

Pack contains 200g of Biskit Butter Speculoos biscuits.

Making them perfect to share with friends and family. Try them today!

Weight 0.30 kg
Dimensions 30.00 × 15.00 × 10.00 cm


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