Bonne Maman Jam 370g-380g (Red Cherry / Strawberry / Wild Blueberry / Raspberry / Caramel)


Bonne Maman Jam

Rediscover your favorite recipes with the delicious taste of Bonne Maman. Rich, delicious, and made with natural ingredients and only the highest-quality premium fruit, each jar is full of love and goodness to be shared, time and again.


Apricot – Glow with the orange-yellow luster of fresh, ripe apricots. Each jar is filled with large pieces of apricots making every bite a delicious treat. Try it on toast, muffins, in a recipe or as part of a sauce. It is is perfect for spreading on crepes and waffles!

Blackberry – Nearly addictive for its complex and multi-layered taste, the Blackberry Preserves rings true for a one-of-a-kind bold fruit tang. Blackberry Preserves delivers a fresh, homemade taste. It is perfect to spread, top or include as baking ingredient.

Caramel – A perfect mix between milk and natural sugars that brings back memories of childhood. In addition, it can be savoured on bread, pancakes, ice cream or simply with a spoon.

Forest Berries – Has a striking flavors burst on your palate through a marvelous blend of our Raspberries, Blueberries, Blackberries and Wild Strawberries.

Raspberry – Rich and delicious because they are made with only the highest quality raspberries and other natural ingredients, our Raspberry Preserves are perfect for spreading on toast and pastries! Or use them as an ingredient in favorite recipes.

Red Cherry – Perfect on toast, over waffles, or by the spoonfuls straight from the jar, you’ll love our Cherry Preserves. With generous pieces of cooked cherries throughout, these Preserves are as good as it gets.

Strawberry – The sweet richness of cooked strawberries creates a perfect texture and brilliant flavor. Like all Bonne Maman flavors, it is made with natural ingredients including the highest quality strawberries available.

Wild Blueberry – Bonne Maman Wild Blueberries Preserves offers a full flavor, robust blueberry experience with every spoonful. The natural sweetness, brilliant blue color and fresh taste make our Wild Blueberry Preserves ideal for savoring on its own or as an ingredient.

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Weight 0.80 kg
Dimensions 16.00 × 20.00 × 14.00 cm

Apricot 370g, Blackberry 370g, Wild Blueberry 370g, Caramel 380g, Raspberry 370g, Red Cherry 370g, Strawberry 370g, Forest Berries 370g


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