Cacao Barry Plein Arome Cacao Powder 1kg


Cacao Barry Plein Arome Cacao Powder is iconic cacao powders, Plein Arôme stands out for its comforting and familiar flavour profile.

This 100% cacao powder reveals a mesmerizing round chocolate taste followed by caramel, whole milk & almond notes evoking the childhood chocolate cake.

These nostalgic notes combined with a bright and warm autumnal brown colour makes it the ideal ingredient in your recipes to indulge your consumers who seek flavours reminiscent of their youth.

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About Cacao Barry Plein Arome Cacao Powder

Made from sustainably sourced finest quality West African beans, this very high-fat and light alkalised cacao powder is a great base for flavouring, colouring and texturing.

Suitable for a wide range of applications: brownie, cupcake, frosting, cookie, muffin, sponge cake, ice-cream, hot chocolate, spread, icing and more!

Note: Callebaut Cocoa Powder 1kg has been discontinued.

Ingredients: Alkalized Cocoa Powder

Storage: The best temperature to store this cocoa powder is between 12-20°C with a relative humidity of  70% max.

Origin: France

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