Callebaut Finest Belgian White Chocolate W2/Velvet 2.5kg


About Callebaut Finest Belgian White Chocolate

Callebaut Finest Belgian White Chocolate with 2 options:

Weight : 2.5kg (Original Packaging)

Velvet :

*Overwhelm with a splash of fresh milk.

*This white chocolate recipe is the silkiest, creamiest white chocolate in the Callebaut range. Enjoy a rich mouthfeel that never ever becomes too heavy.

*Pair this chocolate with everything from exotic spices like saffron to a wide range of fruits.

*With its medium fluidity, it works well in almost any application: moulding, enrobing, flavouring, coating, etc.


W2 :

*Mix and flavour with the most iconic white chocolate.

*This iconic white chocolate has the exact same wonderful balance between milky, creamy and vanilla notes as Recipe N° W2.

*Its thick fluidity however, makes it the ideal white chocolate recipe for mixing and flavouring mousses, crèmes and ganaches. Because of its pleasing taste, it can be paired with a wide range of ingredients.

*Enjoy great end results every time!

Weight 3.40 kg
Dimensions 30.00 × 25.00 × 20.00 cm

W2 28%, Velvet 32%


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