La Belle D’Andaine Unsalted Butter Doux 500g x 5


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DISCLAIMER: Choose packing with foam box (ice pack included). We would not responsible if the butter melted during shipment due to courier’s delay in delivery and it’s beyond our control.

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Butter is not available for delivery to Sabah & Sarawak and out of Malaysia.

Unsalted Butter

Country of Origin: France

Weight: 500g

Product Storage: Frozen

French Butter. tender, aromatic, churned butter that melts in the mouth, strikingly yellow, made from matured sweet-cream, its texture is quite smooth and airy, with visible tiny water droplets characteristic for churned butter.

It spreads very easily with a delicate taste of milk . It has exceptional baking qualities that give a creamy feel to the baked goods, which is why it is highly favored by chefs and pastry cooks.

La Belle D’Andaine Unsalted Butter 500g x 5pcs

Shipping Remarks:

1. Handling & delivery will be charged in order to protect the goods on their journey to your doorstep (packed in 1 white polystyrene cool box & ice cooler pack).

2. We are not responsible for any issues, problems or delay during shipment which may melted the butter and cooler pack.

3. Shipping within Semenanjung Malaysia only.

Weight 3.50 kg
Dimensions 30.00 × 25.00 × 20.00 cm


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