Master Martini Delice Spreadable Creams 5kg


About Master Martini Delice Chocolate Hazelnut Spread 5kg

Brand: Master Martini

Product Name / Options:

1. Master Martini – Delice Gran Nocciola

(Flavour Hazelnut Chocolate) taste almost similar like Nutella

Excellent spreadable cream with a rich hazelnut taste, ideal for filling and flavouring after baking. Great versatility

Compound Chocolate Spread

Perfect for pastry filling, cakes and swiss roll filling, mouse & flavouring.

Fluidity: 4/5

2. Master Martini – Delice Cover Cocoa

(Flavour Dark Chocolate)

Special cream for coating. It grants a smooth, bright and well-blended coating. Freezer and fridge stable. No cracks and clean cut of coatings.

Perfect for cakes and mousse coating.

Fluidity: 3/5

Weight: 5kg

Original Packaging in a pail

Country of Origin: Italy

Manufactured in Malaysia

Halal by JAKIM


Recommended storage at temperature 20 degree Celsius. Keep away from direct sunlight. Store in a dry and clean place.

Shipping Remark:

1. Please note that there is possibilities this item may damage/leakage during shipment as this product original lid is fragile and thin.

2. We pack your order with bubble wrap and box without extra charges. We would not responsible for any damage caused by courier service.

3. Purchase at your own risk.

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Weight 5.50 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30.00 cm

Delice Gran Nocciola, Delice Cover Cocoa


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