Myflavor Emulco / Flavour 1kg


Myflavor Emulco / Flavour / Essence are perfect and work stable on the cakes and bakes. The applications are wide includes confectioneries, pastry, cookies, jam, desserts, sauces, topping and also beverages.​ Myflavor emulco is a mixture of food flavouring and colouring, it is bake stable and moisture retention with a perfect aroma.

About Myflavor Emulco / Flavour 1kg

Emulco (stands for “Emul”-Emulsifier; “co”-Colour). Literally means a flavour emulsion combined with food colouring, to enhance appearance, aroma, flavour to retain moistures.

Emulco is combination of flavour and color

Flavour is for flavouring only. Not colouring.

Packaging: Bottle 1kg

Available in 9 flavours:

  1. Blue Velvet Emulco
  2. Butterscoth Emulco
  3. Butter Vanilla Flavour
  4. Espresso Emulco
  5. French Vanilla Essence
  6. Pandan Emulco
  7. Pandan Coconut Emulco
  8. Pistachio Emulco
  9. Red Velvet Emulco
  10. Tiramisu Flavour
  11. Vanilla Flavour

Halal certified by JAKIM

Made in Malaysia


Placed in a cool and dry area such as pantry or shelf. Avoid direct sunlight.

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Weight 1.30 kg
Dimensions 25.00 × 15.00 × 20.00 cm

Blue Velvet Emulco, Butter Vanilla Flavour, Butterscotch Emulco, Espresso Emulco, French Vanilla Essence, Pandan Emulco, Pandan Coconut Emulco, Pistachio Emulco, Red Velvet Emulco, Tiramisu Flavour, Vanilla Flavour


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