Nutella Hazelnut Spread 3kg


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About Nutella Hazelnut Spread 3kg

Nutella Hazelnut Spread 3kg is famous for its authentic hazelnut and cocoa taste, made even more irresistible by its unique creaminess. Lecithin, a natural emulsifier, contributes to the smoothness of our cream to help deliver the iconic Nutella texture. Just one serving size of the delicious spread can bring on pure pleasure. Spread a teaspoon of Nutella on a slice of bread and enjoy the delectable experience that follows.


The ingredients are sugar, vegetable fat (Palm), 13% hazelnuts, 8.7% skimmed milk powder, 7.4% fat reduced cocoa powderEmulsifier: Lecithin (Soy) and flavouring (Vanillin). This product contains emulsifier as permitted food conditioner and permitted flavouring substance from vegetable and synthetic origin. It contains hazelnuts, milk and soy.


When storing this product, ensure that it is kept in a cool and dry place such as the pantry or cupboard, away from direct sunlight.

Origin: Australia

Weight: 3kg

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Weight 3.50 kg
Dimensions 22.00 × 31.00 × 25.00 cm


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