Wilton Fondant Smoother


Wilton Fondant Smoother is an essential tool for shaping and smoothing rolled fondant.

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About Wilton Fondant Smoother

  • Wilton Original Product
  • Easily smooth fondant on your cakes using the Wilton Fondant Smoother.
  • Its softly curved front edge prevents marking the fondant surface while the squared back of the smoother creates a straight edge along the base of the cake.
  • Redesigned for an easier-to-hold contoured handle, the fondant smoother is designed to make the fondant-smoothing process more comfortable.
  • It’s so easy to have a perfect-looking fondant-covered cake. Once you’ve covered your cake with fondant, smooth the sides of the cake and adhere the fondant to the buttercream under layer using this fondant tool.
  • Smoother measures 3.25 in. x 5.75 in. (8.2 cm x 14.6 cm).

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