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Queen Glycerine is a neutral, sweet-tasting, colourless, thick liquid with a high boiling point. It is used in making cakes, confectionery and preserves. Queen food-grade Glycerine is plant-based and suitable for use by vegans and vegetarians.

Volume: 100ml

Ingredients: Pure Glycerine (Palm Origin).

Gluten Free

5 Ways to Use Glycerine in Baking:

1: Keep Cake Fresher for Longer
While cakes don’t stick around very long in the Queen HQ, adding an extra day or two to your bakes is a handy trick to have up your sleeve when needs must. Adding a couple teaspoons of glycerine to your cake batter before baking acts as a preservative, holding onto that fresh baked feeling long after it has come out of the oven. We recommend using up to 3 tsp in a Vanilla Cake and 1-2 tsp in Chocolate Cake to really lock in that moisture.
2: Smooth & Shiny Royal Icing
A touch of glycerine in royal icing adds shine and prevents your icing setting hard and dry. This makes it far easier to apply to cakes, and guarantees a nice smooth cut when slicing. Add 1 tsp of glycerine for every 500g of icing sugar for a softer set and 2 tsp per 500g for a nice glossy finish.
3: Prevent Crystalisation
Adding a small amount of glycerine when heating sugar and water to high temperatures helps to prevent the sugar from crystalising. Glycerine also works as a softening agent in candy giving your fudge, truffles and caramels a soft creamy consistency.
4: Creamy Buttercream
Much like royal icing, glycerine can help buttercream from drying out and forming a crust. While the Queen team is divided when it comes to soft or crusty buttercream, for those of us who prefer it creamy, glycerine is the answer. Not only does it help keep your buttercream silky smooth, it also helps when decorating, allowing you to take your time with sprinkles or attaching decorations to your buttercream creations. Inspired?? We’ve got a handy buttercream video tutorial that walks you through 4 different recipes.
5: Fixing Finicky Fondant
Adding just a tablespoon of glycerine to your homemade fondant recipe will help improve its texture and workability. Better yet, if you have an older batch of fondant that is stiff and cracking, glycerine can help bring it back to life. Start with a few drops, folding it through your fondant until it is supple and smooth once again!
Bonus Tip:
While it’s not exactly a baking tip, this little tidbit was too fun not to share. Glycerine is the secret ingredient to the best bubble mix you’ve ever made! Evaporation is what causes bubbles to pop, and by adding glycerine to your bubble mix, you essentially create a thicker skin. This slows down the evaporation process and makes them stronger, which means bigger bubbles with the added bonus of a bit of bounce!

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